Uber Reveals Rating Data to Riders

Uber made an announcement that riders will now have an option so they can see ratings left by drivers—how many one-star ratings, how many five-star ratings, and all those between. Previously riders could only see their average rating.

To find these rating breakdowns requires several maneuvers within the app. First riders must navigate to the Settings menu, then to Privacy and then to the Privacy Center. Once inside the Privacy Center, riders must swipe to the right and choose “would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?” Next riders must scroll to “browse your data” and then “view my ratings.” Alternatively, riders can access the data through the Uber website.

Not exactly immediately accessible but the feature is intended to offer riders a better understanding of their average rating and to encourage good behavior during rides.

Uber has made all identifying information is kept anonymous for the safety of drivers.

Uber has relied on this two-way rating system since its inception to hold riders and drivers accountable for their behavior. Both riders and drivers can be deactivated from the platform if their average rating drops too low. The threshold for banning is different for different cities and many factors are taken into account when calculating the point of termination.

Uber released average ratings for riders by city and found that New York had the lowest average rider rating with Seattle and D.C. right behind. San Antonio, Texas was number one for best average rider rating.