Twitter Takes Down Bummer of a Bot Account Tweeting Wordle Solution

Twitter recently suspended a bot account which was posting the solution to the next day’s puzzle on popular app Wordle.

The account “@wordinator” would send out this tweet: “Guess what. People don’t care about your mediocre linguistic escapades. To teach you a lesson, tomorrow’s word is _____” Filling in the blank with tomorrow’s solution to the puzzle.

Twitter stated that the account violated the platform’s rules surrounding automated messages and unsolicited @mentions. The social media app’s terms of service clearly state an account cannot disrupt other users’ experiences which includes sending a high volume of unsolicited replies.

It wasn’t difficult for the bot to find the answers to future puzzles as the answers to Wordles’ puzzles are easily found in its source code. Words are simply assigned a date and store in the player’s browser.

Thousands of Wordle players post their scores on Twitter daily and often discussing how few or many tries it took them to solve the puzzle. The popularity of the Wordle game has skyrocketed recently because of people sharing their results online.

The New York Times has recently interviewed Josh Wardle who claims he built the game for his partner who loves word games. And. Yes. Even the game’s name is a play on words. After keeping the game just to his family, Wardle eventually took the app public.