Twitter Rolls Out NFT Profile Pic Feature

Twitter has started to roll out a feature that will allow some users to set NFTs the user owns as their profile picture. Some see this as Twitter signaling their interest in the new digital art investment opportunity. This makes Twitter one of the most-well-known tech companies to launch a feature focused on the current NFT trend.

The images will appear differently than a usual Twitter profile picture. The NFT avatar will show up as a hexagon shape instead of a circle. Users will also be able to click the NFT profile picture to get information about the artwork, the creator and where it is listed.

The feature is only available to those who pay for Twitter’s subscription service. However, as part of the subscription Twitter verifies a user’s ownership of the NFT.

NFTs are “nonfungible tokens.” They are a verifiable digital collectable, each of which is one of a kind. They are often artworks and are traded on the blockchain. The blockchain is the tech which is the keystone to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

NFTs aren’t terribly new, but new in popularity. Recently, the digital artworks have sold for millions of dollars in some cases as artist, celebrities and other companies get in on the trend to make, buy and sell the digital collectables.