Facebook’s “Year in Review” app

If you are a Facebook user, by now you have seen the “Year in Review” app. It will pop up in your feed and allow you to preview it before publishing it to your timeline for all to see. But was this a good thing? Jody Victor’s crew found that it chooses some random pictures you have posted and were most engaging and puts them together as a montage. I have seen a few of these. You can find out more about the Year in Review app here.

For some, the memories and reminder of the past year were not quite so poignant. For Eric Meyer, who lost his daughter this year it was a jarring reminder of his loss. He posted about it in his blog. Facebook has since apologized for the app and the pain it has brought him. Eric in turn apologized for the escalation of the story on the Internet that took place afterward.

Whether you choose to use or even preview the app or not is up to you. You have the freedom to choose.