Let “My People” Go

It was recently reported that Microsoft was going to stop development and in the future remove the My People app from Windows version 1909. Some other changes are the Driver model for Remote Desktop.

Full list of Windows 10 features no longer being developed: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/planning/windows-10-deprecated-features

Full list of features that have been removed: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/deployment/planning/windows-10-removed-features

It kind of reminds me of the old song, “Let My People Go”. This phrase was first spoken by Moses in Exodus when he was trying to get Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave Egypt.

Does Windows 10 really shut down?

Windows 10 uses something called fast startup mode. By default, this is enabled and it does just that – allows you start up faster. What you are really doing instead of shutting down is hibernating. It caches everything so it will all load faster when you “turn it back on.”

To control what happens you can go to Control Panel > Power Options > and click “Choose what the power button do” and you can change what you want to do. If you are on a laptop, you can choose what happens when you close the lid as well.

If you really want to shut down, you will have to do a restart. This makes the old “if you have problems, reboot” really mean it.

If you are feeling adventuresome, you can create your own power plan as well.

Windows 10 Creators Update: Tabs

By now, many have already chosen to update to the newest Creators Update for their Windows 10 machine. You can see what version you are running by going to Start >> Settings >> System >> About. The newest version is 1703. Before installing this version, you will be asked to review your privacy settings so you are not giving out any information you don’t want to. They will bring up a page of privacy settings to review. The privacy settings don’t go into effect until you actually install the Creators Update.

You can always visit your privacy settings after the update to further set your privacy preferences by going to Start >> Settings >> Privacy.

Here are some nice features you can only use with the Microsoft Edge Browser:
You can save tabs for later
You can pin tabs to your start menu
You can preview all open tabs either all at once or one at a time
You can sweep all your open tabs aside to use later
You can pin pages to open next time you come back


Windows 10 Creators Update

When the Victor crew was notified of the Windows 10 Creators Update, we scratched our heads. What in the world is that? Why would I need it?

There is a new Gaming category in Settings. When in game mode it will make the experience smoother.

You can use the new Paint 3D app to make 3D drawings along with 360 degree view.

There is feature that allows you keep open tabs by setting them aside so you don’t have to favorite them but put them aside for small projects you may be working on.

Microsoft Edge becomes the default eBook reader. You can customize the eBook as you are reading it, highlight parts, set bookmarks. You can also change the screen for night use.

There is a setting for Mixed Reality that works with HoloLens VR headsets.

Plan and measure trips on Maps. You can share them with others.

There’s a new privacy dashboard to allow you to set your own security settings.

Mini View allows you to keep a video in a small window.

The first of these updates were rolled out April 11, 2017.




Remember that email you sent telling someone you’d send them something by Friday? Oh. You forgot. Well now you won’t … with Cortana. Cortana can now help you remember these things. She will give you reminders.

Just launched last week, Cortana’s reminders work on Windows 10 and will eventually support Android and iOS. It works with Outlook.com and Office 365 work and school addresses with support for other email services coming soon.

You can also have Cortana add a reminder to your list by talking to her. Unfortunately, you cannot link them all yet if you have an Office 365 Home edition. Hopefully that is in the future as well.

Microsoft 10 Event

So Microsoft has an event scheduled for October 26 at 10 am EDT in NYC. They say to join them to find out what is next for Windows 10. One can only speculate…

While we’re on the subject of Windows 10, did you know you can ‘write’ in the Edge browser and save it as a note to OneNote? If you have a touch enabled device you can use your finger or a stylus. If not, your mouse will work.

First you need to enable your “pen.” This is in the top right corner of the Edge browser.

Next you need to choose the type (pen or highlighter), color, and size. This will show up on the left hand side of the browser after you enable the pen.

Then you can write on your page and save it as a note for later.

The Victor crew.

Happy Anniversary Windows 10

In August, Microsoft pushed out the Windows 10 Anniversary update. So what’s new? Here are just a few of the new things you will find:

Cortana has had an update to compete with the other assistants out there. You can call her from the lock screen now. She can also push items to and from your mobile device (and is also available on Android.)

There was a hidden dark theme that the anniversary edition brought out into the open in settings.

The Edge browser will now support extensions. It will use Chrome-style extensions and can be installed through the Windows Store.

You will no longer see your email on the lock screen (unless you tell it to.)
Better battery options – can turn off applications temporarily if they use a lot of resources and aren’t currently being used.
Apps can take over when you visit a website.
New emojies.

See more.

The Victor Crew

Last week to get your Windows 10 for free!

Well, it’s finally coming this week. After Friday, Windows 10 will cost you a mere $119.99 per machine. What you need to know is that you r should not use the Express settings. By skipping custom settings, you will be agreeing to data collection and tracking.

If you went ahead and did do express settings, you can change it. Go to Settings > Privacy > Speech, inking & typing. Click on the Stop Getting to Know Me button. You can actually go down the list under Privacy and turn off or on what you want.

Windows 10

Jody Crew

Windows 10 Upgrade is getting more aggressive

As time goes on and we approach July 29, 2016, it appears that Windows is getting more aggressive to get people to upgrade to 10. It is free up until that date on the device you have it on. On some systems, they have even started the download process to make it easier and faster for when you do upgrade.

If you have automatic upgrades enabled, you might find your machine already updated – and you didn’t even initiate it. If you aren’t ready for the upgrade, make sure to disable automatic updates and do them manually. Even doing them manually you will have to look at your list of updates and uncheck the Windows 10 upgrade to get the regular security updates for your version.

Here is some more information:

Installing Windows 10

So one of Jody’s crew decided to make the leap and install Windows 10. So how does it work? It went pretty well upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. It installs just like a regular update … it just takes a bit longer. When it was ready on my computer, it just popped up that it updates were ready from the small app icon on the task bar.

So the big difference is the start menu. It is basically a hybrid between the Windows 7 and Windows 8 look. What you used to call programs are now called apps. As we continue to use Windows 10, we will go over some solutions to make it easier to navigate.

Windows 10

Windows 10 date announced

We already talked about Windows 10 being free. Well we can get it soon! It will be available July 29.

They’ve brought back the familiar Start menu and claim Windows 10 is faster than ever before. It comes with Windows Defender for free anti-malware protection.

These are some new features the Victor Crew found will come with Windows 10:

You will find it comes with Cortana to learn your preferences and provide recommendations accordingly. If you purchase a new PC you can get Microsoft Edge – a new browser that allows you to share comments on the web easier than before. Office 2016 will be available. Xbox Live integrated with the Xbox App for gamers. New photos, videos, music, maps, people, calendar, and mail apps. Start something on one device and finish on another synced through OneDrive. With Windows Hello, you will be greeted by name with a smile.

For full list of features and descriptions:

More about Windows 10

Jody’s Crew set out to find out more about Windows 10. We found that it looks like Windows 10 upgrades will be free. We are unsure yet if this will be free from any earlier Windows version than 8.1. We will keep our ears out for that. Right now you can download the developer preview version as we posted last week to test it out and provide feature feedback. Microsoft has been pressured into doing this because of Apple’s recent move to make Mavericks free and of course all their iOS version have been free.

What this will do to the industry remains to be seen. In the past, users used the next OS as a reason to buy a new computer rather than try to upgrade or they even found they couldn’t upgrade because their current machine didn’t have the right specs. Now with users new computers less often to get the latest Windows, we will most likely see computer sales go down.

We are sure Microsoft hopes that if people aren’t spending their money on the OS, they will put it toward updating/upgrading their software (Office, etc.)

Feeling Brave With Your PC Computer?

If so, you can become a Windows Insider and join their program to preview Windows 10. Yes Windows 10. They have decided to skip Windows 9 and go right to 10. There are many theories floating around the web about it. One is that it wanted to get as far away from Windows 8 as it could; another is that older programs made for Windows 95 or 98 could get confused with 9. Someone else jokingly said it was using the logic of this video.

The Windows 10 OS is yet unfinished. Why would they ask you to download it? To help give feedback for development. You can have a say as they progress before their 2015 release (TBD) through their feedback app. You should use a secondary PC you aren’t using anymore for this because it isn’t ready for production.

Some of the new features highlighted are:
Return of the start menu
Live tile preview on the side
Return of search box
Improved app store
Taskview window
Snapping windows is easier (up to 4 apps on a screen)
Separate desktops (for work/home for example)

Check out the tech preview.

Jody Victor