What’s coming from Google

The Victor crew wants to share some new things coming up from Google.

Google Assistant

Google is unveiling the Google assistant. They say the assistant is two-way conversational. It helps buy movie tickets on the go, will find a restaurant for you to dine before the movie, help navigate to the theater. It is supposed to work seamlessly across devices.

Google Home

Google Home is a voice-activated gadget for your home. You can enjoy entertainment, manage your tasks, answer questions from Google using conversational speech. Just like the assistant, it can play a song, check your flight but also can turn on lights, set an oven timer.

Allo and Duo

Allo is a new messaging app with the Google assistant, so it allows you to interact in your chats. It includes Smart Reply that will suggest responses based on the messages.

Duo is a companion that allows one-to-one video calling.

Learn more here.

On the Thanksgiving Table

Perhaps you will have a turkey, some dressing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and Skype (or FaceTime or Hangouts). With airline prices and demand keeping holiday travel way out of line, more and more people will be turning to video chatting to connect with family members.

Video chatting over phone calls can put you closer – in the same room, perhaps – and is much more intimate. With families so far away from their loved ones, this may be the only way they will connect this Thanksgiving. This is one way to close the geographical gap between family members. And it’s so easy!

Happy Thanksgiving!