Tech news tidbits: FiOS, Chrome, Toyota

Jody‘s crew likes to stay up to date on some of the latest news in tech out there. Here are a few interesting finds:

Verizon FiOS – Upload speeds will now match download speeds. If you have 75mps download speed, you will now have 75mps upload speed as well. If you are enrolled in the MyRewards+ program, you will get your equalizing speeds sooner than those not enrolled. This will continue through the fall. Read about it here.

Google Chrome – Google is finally addressing a bug in its Chrome browser that eats up system resources. It seems to show more on laptops where resources are more noticeably affected by it. Rather than changing the rate of usage by what it’s doing, it stays clocked at the highest possible rate as long as it is open. Solution for laptop users – use a different browser.

Toyota – The newest Toyota Sienna minivan has an optional built-in microphone to amplify the driver’s voice through the speakers. It only works one way. It is called “Driver Speak Easy.” So “stop fighting or I’ll pull the car over” will be heard more readily! There are a some other new features on this minivan like a pull-down mirror so the driver can check on the kids without turning around, a Blue-ray entertainment system in the back.