Snapchat Gives Parents Tools to Protect Teens

Social media platform Snapchat, after a 10-month old promise from the company to Congress, has developed tools that are supposed to help parents keep their teens safe while they use the app.

The new tool is called Family Center. It promises to give parents additional information about who their teens are chatting with on the messaging app but will not divulge the content of those conversations. Currently, parents have to create their own Snapchat account and their teens have to opt-in and give permission to their parent’s account to use the feature.

According to Snapchat, Family Center was created to emulate the way that parents engage with their children in the real world. In which, parents typically know who their teens are friends with, when they are hanging out, but don’t listen in on their teens private conversations.

After the Facebook-whistleblower incident last fall, social media companies like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram were intensely questioned by Congress about steps they would take to protect teens using their platforms.



Ways to stop your teens from texting and driving

There are a couple new gadgets that can be put in the car to prevent people from texting and driving. The Victor crew set out to find out more about it.

Groove. This one was developed by Scott Tibbitts, a former rocket scientist who lost a colleague killed by a distracted 16-year-old driver. Along with Katie Couric, you can watch this video that has Katie installing the device and finding out about it. It installs in the car’s diagnostic port. It connects to the cloud. It detects when there is a single driver to block texts and other notifications while allowing navigation and music streams. When it detects more than one person in the car, it will shut down assuming the family will take care of itself and not allow distractions. It should cost about $30 for the device and $8/month.
Watch the video to find out more.

CellControl. DriverID is a device that blocks all driver cell phone functions. It is a device similar to Groove plus an app that costs $129. You can configure driver only policies. It senses when there is motion to begin protecting. You can configure to allow specific applications to work. It is always on and it claims to be tamper resistant.
Find out more here.