Tasting robots

Back in the olden days, a king would have a cup-bearer to make sure his wine or food wasn’t poisoned. If it was poisoned, well, then the king would have to find a new one. If there wasn’t enough poison to kill him, he’d at least make sure it tasted the way it should as well.

Enter the 21st century. Not testing for poison, but rather that the recipes are uniform, Thailand has developed 2 robots (so far) that will taste-test recipes for Pad Thai and other dishes to make sure there is not more deviation than 5-10% from the recipes approved by Thailand’s government and it’s “Thai Delicious Committee”. They hope to develop 100 or more robots to make sure the recipes are uniform the world over.

Other countries are starting to join suit. In Spain, they have developed and “electric tongue” to differentiate between varieties of beer. In Denmark, they’ve developed a nano-sensor to evaluate wine’s quality.

Jody Victor