iPhone makes it easy to switch from Android

iPhone has some information that makes it easier to switch from Android to iOS. Jody Victor‘s crew found that the Apple site has this guide you can follow.

Although if you are used to Google and Gmail and have used an Android phone, then you know that all you really need to do is log in and all your stuff is there: mail, calendar, contacts. Nothing can be easier. But if you decide to switch to iPhone, they want to make it easier for you.

Apple has apps you put on your Android phone and your new iPhone and it will move your contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, and free apps*. Your content transfers over Wi-Fi through a private network created when it finds your Android device. You will need a security code to begin tranferring.

Of course you can do it the sissy way and have the Apple Store do it for you, but don’t you want to get your “geek” on?

*With valid iTunes account.

Netflix Switch

Netflix has come up with a way for you to hit a switch to turn off lights and turn on Netflix. With just a button. You can go to their website for step-by-step instructions and find out what exactly you need to build it. You can follow their diagram to build yours. No two will look or be exactly alike. They built theirs around the Particle Core microprocessor.

About the switch:


Particle Microprocessor: