Amazon to Add 100,000 Holiday Jobs Amid Possible Online Holiday Shopping Frenzy

Preparing for the coming shopping frenzy of the holidays, Amazing is hiring one hundred thousand seasonal workers. Jobs vary across skill levels and type, full-time and part-time.

Amazon has had to make similar moves earlier in the year like in March when they added 175,000 temp jobs to help with demand caused by the pandemic. Amazon had claimed they would keep 70% of those hires. Last year they hired twice as many, 200,000, temp workers for the holidays.

Some experts believe that holiday, online shopping will increase anywhere from 25-35% this year over last year.

But even Amazon’s massive in-house delivery service could struggle to handle additional online shopping demands this season. Many experts believe that if people don’t order early even Amazon won’t be able to promise to deliver holiday items on time.







Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is here and there sure are a lot of deals out there. From Oculus Go to Instant Pot, the deals were phenomenal.

On, Oculus Go went pretty quickly for a low price of $119.00 for the 32GB version with a timed lightning deal. Regular price they are selling for now on is $149.00. It was a little more for the 65GB version.

Once again Instant Pot made a big splash with the 8-qt version selling for about $64. There are many other deals to be had. was offering $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent + $10 off + 20% off. Alaska Airlines had fares starting at $39 one way. Even some museums and zoos had membership deals. Whatever the deal is you are looking for be sure to check for deals first!

Jody Victor crew learns about Amazon Go

Imagine you are in a rush and need to go to the grocery store. With Amazon Go, you can walk in, get your stuff and walk out. In fact, they call it their Just Walk Out Shopping experience or Just Walk Out Technology.

When you walk in, you use the app to check in (kind of like when boarding a plane) and then do your shopping. Forget your bag? There are plenty of reusable bags for purchase. You will also need an Amazon account.

They offer many ready-to-eat meals and snacks. They want to focus on making healthful meals.

They currently only have one store open to the public in Seattle, WA open 7am-9pm M-F. They do have people in the store to help you, stock shelves, etc. The store was opened last year for its Seattle employees while testing. It just opened to the public recently.

Learn more.

Do you know how to “Hukk It”?

The Victor crew came across a website that could prove to be very useful: You can keep track of items you would like to purchase from anywhere. You can even have it track when the item goes on sale! It will also show you coupon codes.

Sign up for your free account, and add the “Hukk It” button to your browser. When you are shopping on one of the hundreds of shops that work with Hukkster, you can Hukk It and purchase later. You tell it what color and size if it’s a garment. You can also use it to comparison shop. You will be notified by text, email or push notification (in the app).

Happy Shopping!

Jody Victor

Shop from Twitter?

Amazon has made shopping even easier. Suppose a friend or acquaintance mentions an product on Twitter. If it’s an Amazon product, and you want to buy it, instead of clicking on it and then adding to your cart, you can hit reply and add #AmazonCart and it will automatically add it to your cart. It will not automatically purchase it so you don’t have to worry about impulse purchases. You need to connect your Amazon account to your Twitter account in Social settings in Twitter.

You can see the video here.

Jody Victor

It’s Cyber Monday!

Last year we found out how Cyber Monday got started. This year we will look at some shopping tips.

Here are some safe buying tips and cautions:

  • Only buy from reputable retailers.
  • Make sure you have a physical address and phone number.
  • Send an email to make sure it is active.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau in the seller’s area.
  • Find out about warranties and returns.
  • If you buy overseas, be wary of any recourse under US jurisdiction.
  • Don’t judge by a fancy website.
  • Make sure the website is secure – that it has https at the beginning of the address when you enter your personal information and that a lock is shown somewhere on your browser.
  • Don’t click on popup advertisements.
  • Use a credit card, not a money order, personal check or debit card. Credi card payments can be withheld if there is a dispute. With a debit card, once the payment is made it’s gone from your account.
  • Shop around so you know the price range of the item. If it seems too good to be true it may not be legitimate.
  • If you are using public wi-fi, make sure it is secure.
  • Turn off Bluetooth. This will lessen the risk of others capturing with a nearby device.
  • Read the terms of service before purchasing.
  • Be careful if purchasing digital items like books or music – they can’t be given as gifts but are downloaded to you account. You can purchase gift cards/ecards instead.
  • Save or print your receipts so you have a record.
  • Don’t forget that shipping may add to the cost if it’s not offered free or if your purchase doesn’t meet the minimum amount for free shipping.
  • Be alert for potential charity and donation scams.

Safe shopping!
Jody Victor