Searching a Web Page on iPhone or iPad

Ever been on a page that was just too long to read? Maybe you wanted to see if the page you are on actually has the information you are looking for. There is a way to search a web page. The way to find something on a web page varies by browser. For most searches on a desktop or laptop, you simply need to use CTRL+F or Command+F for MAC. But how do you search a page for a term on an iPhone or iPad?

For all the examples below, I am using this link:

For Safari, the default browser:
Once you are on a webpage that you might want to search, you can put a word in the search bar and you will get the option that says “On This Page” and will tell you how many matches. So I went to the above link and typed “florida” in the address bar. This is what I got:

Safari Search Safarai Search


For Chrome:
Once you are at the page, you will see 3 dots on bottom right. If you click on that you will get an option to “Find in page…” – If you click that, you will get a search box and can put what you want to search there.

Chrome Search Chrome Search


For Firefox:
Firefox is similar to Chrome except you will find the 3 dots on the top right.

Firefox Search Firefox Search

Some Google “Easter Eggs”

Ever play around with Google search just for the fun of it? There are a couple fun things you can do with Google that will give you similar results.

The first is to type in “fun fact” or “fun facts”. What happens? At the very top of the search results they will give you a fun fact.

The second is to type “I’m feeling curious”. You get similar results with a fun fact.

Each comes with a link to where the information comes from that you can read more about the fact. You can also click the large “Ask Another Question” button below the fact.

Here are some of our examples:

Search for “Fun Fact”
Fun Fact

Search for “Fun Facts”
Fun Facts

Search for “I’m felling curious”
I'm Curious

Another search for “I’m feeling curious”
I'm Curious

Have fun!

the Victor crew

What’s Google up to?

Jody Victor’s crew came across a few news items about Google that we’d like to relate to you:

Google Glass
Google Glass will not longer be available in its present state after today. They are pulling the plug on the Explorer Program. You can still purchase it at $1,500.00 through the Play store. With this, if you have already purchased it, don’t expect any updates.

Searching Bands, Events
Google is making it easier to search for your faves. Try entering a band name – you will see on the right of the search places to hear the band’s music (or even purchase it), a list of upcoming events with links to the different areas, a row of their public profiles with social media, Google+ posts and links to a search for each of the members. In some cases you can even purchase tickets to the event from the search. Any company can add the social media to their official site by following these instructions.

Yesterday while wondering who won the latest football games, we simply put “football” in the search bar and the latest scores and game times popped right up.

Google may be positioning itself to compete with Apple Pay as it is rumored it is in talks with Softcard. They would integrate Softcard with their Google Wallet to create a creditable rival with Apple Pay. (The first thing I would do is get rid of “Tappy”, their “spokesperson” that is reminiscent of the old Microsoft paperclip office assistant.)