Telegram a Hotbed of Russia-Ukraine Online Action

Telegram, the encrypted messaging app, has become the digital front line of the Russia-Ukraine war cybersecurity researchers report.

Check Point Research (CPR) reported that Telegram has become a hub of misinformation—as the app allows users to participate in group conversations and send direct messages which have end-to-end encryption.

All over the world, CPR observed, people are organizing themselves and their resources to support either Russia or Ukraine. Some groups are organizing cyberattacks on Russia others are turning themselves into news hubs to report citizen journalism featuring raw experiences from the war.

Since the first day of the war Telegram activity about the Russia-Ukraine conflict has increased dramatically. CPR warns Telegram users to increase their vigilance as users from either side of the conflict may try to scam or otherwise take advantage of average users.

Some unrelated scam artists are preying on people’s emotions and asking for funds to help both sides, when in reality it is one hundred percent a scam.