Have you heard of Instapaper yet?

While looking around on the Internet, Jody‘s crew came across a new icon below an article. It was just capital “I”. So curious, we clicked on it to find out what it was. It was called Instapaper. So of course, we needed to find out what this was.

We went to Instapaper.com and signed up for a free account. You can save articles anywhere and read them anywhere: PC, laptop, iOS or Android devices. You can even highlight parts of articles. There are many times we are surfing and see something and we can bookmark them but not necessarily get them again on other devices. With this you can save the full article to open later when you have more time.

You add a bookmarklet to your browser (PC or laptop) and when you are looking at articles, you can click the “Save to Instapaper” link. The articles will show up on the home page. Once they are there, you can “like”, “archive”, “delete”, or “email/share” the article. Downside: we did not see a way to categorize or tag an article.

The cost for iOS is $3.99 and Android $2.99. We noticed a few free apps for Instapaper developed for Android by other people that will simply let you save an article to Instapaper. When you click the “share” icon, you will see the Instapaper logo as a choice.

So what is the advantage? You can collect all the articles in one place. The costs for the apps may be prohibitive for some but you can save the articles and strictly use this on your PC or laptop.