Caller ID Spoofing and robotic calls

One of Jody’s crew had a disturbing call this past week. The caller ID had their own name and number on it. This happened to be a VOIP type phone typical with a Verizon FiOS bundle. So the bottom line is you cannot trust what you see on caller ID.


In trying to figure this out how this could come about, we came across Nomorobo. Nomorobo is a free service that will keep you from getting robocalls from telemarketers. The “Do not call list” doesn’t seem to stop everything. The way it works, is you set up simultaneous ring on your VOIP bundle and it will ring to a number they give you first. If the number is in the nomorobo database, they will answer it. All you have to do is not pick up on the first ring for any call that comes in. This doesn’t work with traditional phones or wireless phones.