Ringo Starr Auctions NFT Collection

Beatle’s drummer Ringo Starr is auctioning some of his NFT collection for charity.

Julien’s Auctions announced the exclusive auction offering one-of-a-kind digital art works with their sibling canvas print signed by the artist. Starr is the first of the Beatles to offer such a piece to the public.

Some of the proceeds will benefit the NPO The Lotus Foundation who supports charitable projects that look to advance the social welfare of diverse areas like cancer, homelessness and animals in need among other social causes.

The auction will include five original art pieces created by Starr. These included two paintings, one-self portrait and two multimedia works. Each of the works also includes its own audio recording of Starr performing a piece of the drums inspired by the artworks.

Owing one of the NFT artworks also provides the owner access to Starr’s virtual tour and digital gallery experience called RingoLand. All winning bidders are also invited to join Starr in a online hangout created by Spatial.io.

The starting bid for each NFT is $1,000.