Ever delete something you wish you hadn’t?

If you deleted something from a cloud service and wish you hadn’t, there could be hope! So you’ve uploaded files and synced them. But maybe you accidently removed something you didn’t mean to. You may still be able to recover them depending on the circumstances.

With Dropbox, the files are deleted but not moved from their location. They go hidden. If you go online to the folder containing the “deleted” file, you can unhide it. Click on the trash can icon to show deleted files. You can also right click and show deleted files. Once unhidden you can restore the files or permanently delete them.

Google Drive:
When you delete a file it will go to trash. You can click on the trash icon and see the files sitting there. You can select, right click and restore them or delete forever. There are also links on top right instead of right click. You also can Empty trash.

Microsoft’s OneDrive moves the deleted files to the Recycle Bin (sound familiar?) You can restore files or delete forever from there.

We are not sure what happens to items when a folder is shared with someone and they delete an item. It may depend on who started the folder.

Jody Victor

Source: http://www.howtogeek.com/212601/how-to-recover-or-permanently-delete-files-from-the-cloud/

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