Patch Tuesday

Most people know by now that the second Tuesday of the month is known as Patch Tuesday for users of Microsoft Windows. Maybe you didn’t know this and just thought the updates and patches just came whenever. Maybe you don’t fire your laptop every day or just don’t pay attention to the timing.

It is important to put these updates and patches in as soon as possible or you could be a victim of “Exploit Wednesday.” The patches are analyzed by hackers to see what vulnerabilities are being patched and have that open window of time to exploit the vulnerability.

If you haven’t installed any updates in a while, go to Windows Update and it will check for updates. If there are updates, install them. Then check for updates again. There are some that have to be installed before others so there may still be some updates you missed. This will be especially true tomorrow for users of Windows 8.1. You need to have installed the April patches to get all the updates for May.

So the next time your system reminds you that you have updates to install, don’t delay – do them as soon as you can!

Jody Victor