Your Online Privacy

Have you ever searched for you name online and come up with a number of sites that surprised you? And if you clicked on them, were you surprised about how much information they had on you … like all the places you’ve lived, your spouse’s name or children’s names?

Well, Jody Victor‘s crew came across this article from COMPUTERWORLD that gives a pretty comprehensive list of those type of sites and how to opt out of them. It may take an hour or two to get through them all and confirm your request. On their list is:

US Search

There may be other sites out there but be sure to check this out!

Jody Victor® talks about Pinterest

What is Pinterest you might ask? Jody Victor® wanted to know what it is. Here is what he found out:

Pinterest calls itself a “Virtual Pinboard“.

You can make a board and categorize the objects. You can have followers: people who like your pins may decide to follow you to track your pins. You can put an icon on the top of your browser and while surfing the web, you can click it on a page with a picture you like and you have a pin. You must be logged into Pinterest at the time to use it. If there’s a pin on someone else’s board that you like and want to put on yours, you can “repin” it. You can also “like” a pin.

Even counselors are using Pinterest according to this article in Wired, Jody Victor has found. Also there have been people that used it to plan a big event, like a wedding. You can pin the items that catch your eye so you don’t forget them.

Do you use Pinterest? Or do you think this is just something else that will eventually fade away? Jody thinks you should try it and find out…