Apple News, News+ Adding Audio and More

Apple has announced that will being to create its own daily news overview podcats, Apple News Today. Former WNYC hosts Durate Geraldino and Shumita Basu have been hired been hired as co-hosts. Apple News Today will run Mondays-Fridays in the morning and will be filed in Apple’s News and Podcast apps. The 10-minute podcast will attempt to brief listeners on the day’s news.

The company is also going to be creating audio versions of print stories. These will be available in Apple News+, Apple’s subscription service that gives users access to top magazines and newspapers.

Apple’s writers and editors will create about 20 audio stories a week, according to Apple. These will be narrated by professional voice actors, though there is no word on them hiring “names you would know.” This service will only be available through the Apple News+ subscription.

Apple will also add an Audio tab to its News app. This is where users will find the Apple News Today podcast and the new audio stories. Apple’s new audio features will also be available on their CarPlay system.

Apple also announced that users will have more access to local news through both Apple News and News+. The areas will include Houston, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

News+ subscribers will also have access to seven local papers: The Idaho Statesman, The Kansas City Star, The Charlotte Observer, the Miami Herald, The News & Observer, the State and The Sacramento Bee.

In the News…

Sometimes we just like to give a few tidbits of info. Here are some that the Victor crew has found.

Windows 10 free upgrade ends July 29. After that you will have to shell out $119. How-to Geek has a fix for you if you decide to try it later on but don’t want to pay for it.

Last week there were articles about over 250 million email accounts being breached including Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail. It was later reported that most of the stolen information accounts didn’t match up with the passwords. If you are ever in doubt if you’ve been compromised, here is a handy little tool to check: Better yet, turn on 2-step verification. It may be a little bit of a pain to get started but once your device is authorized, there is nothing more to do.

This isn’t really news but a bit of trivia. You may see sites that have TL;DR popping up here and there. What does this mean? It means Too Long; Didn’t Read. It is editor shorthand notation when they indicate a passage is too long to invest the time to read it.