Exclusive Websites

There are all types of websites out there. Corporate, blogs, membership, shopping carts. But here is a new twist. There is a site called Most Exclusive Website (http://mostexclusivewebsite.com) where you have to take a ticket in order to visit it. You get a “ticket” with a number and are told how many people are ahead of you. Only one person can visit at a time and they have 60 seconds in which to view the site.

As I sit and wait, there are over anywhere from 1700-1900 people in line (it varies) as people leave the ticketing system or grab a ticket. It lists how many minutes were wasted waiting for a turn (over 36 years at this writing.)

This site was created by Justin Foley from Westerville, Ohio. He has a gofundme page for donations to defray server costs. This does not allow you to buy your way in as the site is equally exclusive for everyone. It looks like your name gets listed with a Special Thanks when you do contribute.

Jody Victor

Someone recorded what he saw once he was able to access the site. Awww.