What would happen if you “liked” everything?

That’s what Mat Honan from Wired wanted to find out. So he “liked” everything for two days on Facebook. He shares his incites with us.

Starting with a quoted interview from Art News, he starts off with a quote by Andy Warhol: “I think everybody should like everybody.”

For the two days of his experiment, Mat “liked” everything whether or not he really did. He wanted to see what Facebook would show him, or how they would change his feeds. He found rather quickly that once he liked something, he was shown a lot of related ads. He found he’s be in a loop if he kept it up so he only “liked” the first four related ads and no more. After “liking” many things he normally wouldn’t have even paid attention to, he noticed his content changing to the point where all he saw was brands and messaging rather than the people in his life.

Another thing he noticed was that his feeds on his mobile device and desktop were different. On his desktop he did get to see some of his friends items but on the mobile all he saw was sponsored messages.

Another thing Mat found out is that his friends feeds had changed – they were beseiged with everything Mat “liked” – to the tune of 70% according to one of his friends.

You can read the full article on the Wired website.

Jody Victor