Password security

We’ve talked about passwords before and yet it is such an important thing because of all the breaches we see. Some people say they don’t have anything that important so it doesn’t matter or they say they need to use the same password for everything.
This is a totally bad practice and attitude to have about this. Think about all your accounts where you have purchased items, or your banking or credit card accounts. Do you really want to use the same password for everything? Once they breach one account, say your email, they can look through that to find what other accounts you are subscribed to and have a field day. This is even how identities are stolen.

Here are some things you can do:
Go to and check your email for pwnage.
Also click on their password tab and check to see if your passwords are on any common lists.
Use a password manager like LastPass.
Use 2 step verification. Use an authenticator, too.

Once you download LastPass, set it up with a hard to hack easy to remember password (the first video below gives some suggestions on how to find one.) You can then import all the passwords saved to your browsers. Once you have LastPass you can also run a kind of audit check for recommendations on which passwords to change – it will show you duplicates or not so secure passwords you already have.

LogMeIn buys LastPass password manager

LastPass password manager stores your salted and encrypted master password on your computer. Your passwords are encrypted and salted and held in your user vault on their servers.

If you were watching the news, you will have seen back in June LastPass was compromised and they urged users to change their passwords. What was stolen was email addresses and hashed versions of some users’ passwords.

One can only wonder if the problems suffered in June are a reason they were willing to sell the company.

We can only wait and see what will happen to LastPass. There are not too many people happy with this change.

Jody Victor