Jody Victor® Wonders: Should I buy a Roomba iRobot?

Jody Victor wondered about the newest Roomba iRobots for rug cleaning.
Here is what Jody found out:

Roomba iRobot was first introduced in 2002. It is a small motorized robot that cleans floors and carpets changing direction when it hits an obstacle due to strategically placed sensors. It can also detect stairs to keep itself from falling down them. It also can detect dirtier areas.

Earlier models had to be “told” the room dimensions but later models can detect room size. Later models can also be put on a schedule. The newer models also have a HEPA filter. Prices range from $349.99 to $699.99 on the Roomba website.

Well, Jody, maybe you should consider a Roomba iRobot!