Here’s an odd new gadget: Joule

Now you don’t have to wait for your coffee pot to finish brewing. (Or in our case wait 12 hours for cold brew.)

The Jody Victor crew found a gadget on IndieGoGo called Joule. It is a caffeinated bracelet. The bracelet comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. You put a patch on the bracelet and the caffeine will enter through your skin. They say it will not stain your skin. One patch is equal to a cup of coffee. It’s kind of like wearing a nicotine patch. The site goes on to give reasons why you should do this and gives the “science” behind it.

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Micro Drone 3.0 – Fits in the palm of your hand

The Victor crew loves drones! We found a cool little one. This drone is sleek little drone. The parts are modular and simply snap together, so if something breaks you can just replace that part. Another thing that makes this drone unique is you can print your own frame for it if you have a 3D printer!

The range is only up to 300 feet. It will live-stream video to your phone. It comes with expansion packs to change the rotors. Fly it upside down if you want. Control it via iOS, Android, or radio. Use the photo-editing suite and stream to social media.

You can preorder this drone on indiegogo for $175 plus shipping.–2#/

TouchPico Android Projector

Jody’s crew found a cool new gadget. It’s called a TouchPico projector. It runs Android 4.2. Any app you get from Google Play will work on this device. You can project it to any surface like a wall or even a ceiling. You have to use the special infrared pen that comes with it for games or other interaction to turn your surface into a touch screen. The infrared sensors in the projector work with the infrared pen. You can project movies on the wall or ceiling. You can use it for educational apps. It is still in start-up on IndiGoGo. The retail price will be $499. There are some special pricing tiers if you sign up now. You can get it for as little as $269 if you pledge now.

Jody Victor