Extra protection on your computer

The Victor crew found a program you can download to help protect you from exploits. There is a free version and a paid version from Malwarebytes called Malewarebytes Anti-Exploit. Once you download and install it, it will add some layers of protection to your browsers, browser add-ons and Java. The paid version will also shield some Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) and Media Players, and allow you to add and manage custom shields. The paid version costs $24.95/year and will cover 3 PCs.

This is not an anti-virus program, but will give real-time protection against vulnerable sites. It will protect Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others.

Malwarebytes Anti-exploit

Joe Victor

End of the Line for Windows XP

Microsoft will end support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. So what does that mean?

It really means a lot and is a big deal, volumes have been written, lawsuits are beginning from companies that claim they have custom software that can’t be migrated and on and on and on. So here are few points to consider from some one that loves his Dell 4400 laptop that can’t be upgrade so it now sits in a bag.

1. There will be no more security updates or patches for XP or the IE browsers that run on XP!
2. Much of the newest web technology will not display or run correctly on older IE browsers that XP supports.
3. Your favorite software programs may not continue to to be supported and updated.
4. Older versions of IE that XP will run are already security risks and will continue to degrade.

Microsoft is almost begging people to upgrade to Windows 8 and will pay you to do it, they are offering a $50 gift card if you buy a new machine with Windows 8.

If you decide to keep running XP consider the following suggestions:
1. Run the machine offline, if you do not need the computer in question to be online then physically take it offline (unplug it!)
2. Quit using IE and switch immediately to the latest version of the Firefox or Chrome web browser and keep it updated.
3. Obtain and deploy the latest greatest anti-virus software and run it and keep it up to date.
Remember: There will be no more security updates or patches for XP or the IE browsers that run on XP!

It is estimated that there are approximately 18,000,000,000 (18 million) computers world wide that will still be running XP on April 9, 2014 which is a huge target for Malicious Software Developers (hackers and virus developers) and they will go after these machines.

The decision is yours but Remember, There will be no more security updates or patches for XP or the IE browsers that run on XP After April 8, 2014!

~ Jody Victor

Passwords and Chrome

If you are using Chrome and haven’t signed out of the browser, and you share your computer or your computer is stolen, then you have shared any passwords you have saved in the browser. Anyone can simply go to chrome://settings/passwords to view the passwords you have saved. There is no other security applied.

Unlike Firefox. You can set a master password that you have to enter before you can see the saved password. This adds a layer in Firefox’s security.

IE encrypts passwords and you can’t easily view them. You can download IE Passview to see them.

The bottom line is, if you share a computer or travel with your laptop, make sure you are logged out of all your browsers and logged out of the operating system. Make sure all user accounts are password protected.

~ Jody Victor