Need a small web site?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code a website from scratch? A good starting point might be to go through a tutorial. Their homepage starts you with HTML. Currently the latest is HTML5. There are tutorials, references, and examples to get you started. Along with HTML, you should learn CSS (this stands for cascading style sheets) and is what gives webpages their style – color, fonts, and other design features.

The next recommendation is to learn JavaScript and jQuery. These are the basic essentials you need to make a nice looking website. Each page would be an individual and you would have to edit these pages themselves but it is a good starting point to get your feet wet.

This is fine for a simple site but you would need to go a lot further to make a dynamic site that uses a database. You might be better off calling a professional.

Some people like to play…

The Victor crew came across a link the other day. It sure was odd but there seems to be a weird looking head. So … we started to play with it. Just put your mouse on it and click and drag. Don’t freak out! It seems this is a site for developers to play with code. This is just one of the results.

We decided to see if there were any more strange new things. Here are a few more:

This is called “Something Weird”

Futuristic grid


A more useful Calendar Widget