Connectivity on the Go

Jody’s crew came across a new gadget called goTenna. It is a small device that comes in pairs. You pair each goTenna with a smart phone and if you go somewhere that has limited connectivity, you can use this as your own network. The goTenna itself has to be within 20 feet from the smart phone. You can use the free app to send free texts or share a location.

The range depends on the terrain and elevation. Theoretically, you can expect about 3.6 miles. Less in the city more in the desert.

Some practical applications might be camping trips, hiking, shopping, amusement parks – whenever the family might need or want to split up. It is waterproof and dustproof. It’s not very large and has a snap-on holder to hook to your gear.

Right now you can pre-order a pair for $149 for shipping in early 2015. A family pack of 4 goes for $289. Right now these prices are half off the retail price!