Ever wish you could undo an app?

Have you ever purchased an app or game and wish you hadn’t? Well the Victor crew found out that now there is a 2-hour window on Google Play where you can return an app. If the 2-hour return period has passed, you can contact the app developer directly to see if he/she will refund it. You cannot return an app or game more than once.

Here is what you do:

Mobile Device
On a mobile device, open the Google Play Store app. Touch the Menu icon then My Apps. Select the app or game you’d like to return and then Refund. Follow the instructions to complete the refund and uninstall the game or app. After the return time you can see an Uninstall button instead of a Refund button. You can uninstall the app or game but will not get a refund.

Android TV
Open Google Play Store app. Select the app you want to cancel. Select Refund. Same as above you will see an Uninstall button after the 2-hour window and can uninstall without a refund.

Go to the Google Play store with your browser. Click the gear icon then My Orders. Hover over the game or app you’d like to return. Click the menu icon that will appear. Select Report a problem > I’d like to request a refund. Describe the reason for the refund then click Submit.

Source: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/134336?hl=en