Google Maps Tips

The Victor crew found an article on about some things that you can do with Google Maps mobile app that not everyone may know about. From this app, you can add stops, you can hail a ride (taxi or Uber, for instance), travel through time in Street View, create a private map, remember where you parked. These are just a few of the tips listed along with short videos.

Google Maps on Android

Drive home shortcut Google is adding a new feature Google Maps on your Android. It is called Driving mode. You can find out if traffic conditions are okay to get on the road or if you should wait for a while. Get ETAs, traffic updates, quickest routes, and even gas prices. It looks at your recently searched destinations. To add a driving shortcut, you will need to add the driving shortcut icon found in widgets. The feature can also be accessed through the sidebar menu of Google Maps. Tap the sidebar menu and select the “start driving” option.

If you’ve already preset home and work in Google Maps, you’ll see ETAs when you’re likely headed in those directions. On the Galaxy S5, I found the Maps and Driving mode widget under Maps. I added my home destination and it made a shortcut icon called Home. See image.


You usually hear about drones in a negative context. Like when they breach the White house space or even more recently, Enrique Igelsias grabbing a drone as it was flying at one of his concerts and hurting himself. He cut his hand where he grabbed it.

The Victor Crew got to see one in action the other night flying around town. The operator had his mini iPad capturing the video as it droned on above our heads. It has a span of about a mile so it’s conceivable that you can lose site of it. It used gps satellites and you can track it on Google maps. The HD camera gave a pretty good view of the area. It was night so we mostly saw lights.

Makes this blogger want to get one!

See Enrique’s accident here: