Remember View-Master®?

Many kids had a View-Master by Mattel. Remember those goggley things you would hold up to your eyes with a cardboard disc with little pictures in it? They were 3D.

Now there’s a new View-Master. Mattel has teamed up with Google to make View-Master a 360-degree experience. Combined with the app on a compatible Android smartphone, you can begin your adventure. You can zoom in on different items to get a closer look and find more information along the way.

It presents a sort of virtual reality. You move your head, look around, and view the visuals set before you. It also works with Google Cardboard.

Jody Victor

Let’s have fun with Google Cardboard

Ever hear of Google Cardboard? It’s a simple, inexpensive way to experience virtual reality. You can purchase the “cardboard goggles” as a kit or download the plans and make your own.

You simply fold it up and put your Android smartphone in. There are different apps on the Play Store you can download. Most are free. They range from a musical experience with Paul McCartney to a guided tour of the planets.

Sounds like a cure for cabin fever!

Jody Victor