Everyone knows about Google. But did you know is a philanthropic side of Google? Each year, they donate $100 million in grants, 200,000 hours, and $1 billion in products.

At this writing, the top spotlight story is Fighting the Zika Virus. They made a $1 million grant to Unicef to help, updated products to make information about Zika more accessible and sent engineers to help analyze data and map the virus.

The second story is about supporting victims of racially-motivated violence here in the U.S. invested $5 million to support leaders working for racial justice in the criminal and educational systems.

There are sections for Global Giving, Local Giving, Special Programs, and Products.

Global Giving tells where they are helping out in other places, like challenges with disabilities, and using Seed Money. Local Giving talks about Regional Google Impact Challenges, Community Grants, the Bay Area (where they are located), How Googlers give back, and Disaster Relief. Special Programs talks about the above mentioned spotlight stories along with the refugee and migrant crisis, fighting Ebola, and others. The Products section tells how to get Google for nonprofits where you can get discounted or free tools from Google, and the One Today app where you donate $1 a day to a charity.