Some Google “Easter Eggs”

Ever play around with Google search just for the fun of it? There are a couple fun things you can do with Google that will give you similar results.

The first is to type in “fun fact” or “fun facts”. What happens? At the very top of the search results they will give you a fun fact.

The second is to type “I’m feeling curious”. You get similar results with a fun fact.

Each comes with a link to where the information comes from that you can read more about the fact. You can also click the large “Ask Another Question” button below the fact.

Here are some of our examples:

Search for “Fun Fact”
Fun Fact

Search for “Fun Facts”
Fun Facts

Search for “I’m felling curious”
I'm Curious

Another search for “I’m feeling curious”
I'm Curious

Have fun!

the Victor crew