iOS 9 Preview

With iOS 9 due out later this year, Apple has already been creating a buzz about it. They promise enhancements to some of the built-in apps that come with it.

A new News app will be added to your homescreen to collect all the stories you want to read, based on topics of your interests.

The Notes app will have more features where you can a photo, map, or URL to a note. You can even sketch with your finger. Lists can become checklists.

Maps enhancements will make it easier to plan your trip with restaurant stops along the way. It will have a Transit view to make it easier to plan your route with public transportation. You’ll be able to see what stores are nearby.

Wallet will allow you to use Apple Pay or your store cards. You can add your reward cards as well to your Wallet app.

CarPlay app will allow you to play audio messages as long as your car supports wireless connection to iPhone.

For iPad users there are other enhancements.

You can do a slide over (slide one app over another to do a quick browse), split view (have 2 apps open and active side by side), and picture in picture (Watch a video or use FaceTime while working on another app) for multitasking.

The shortcut bar will allow you to cut, copy, paste easier. It adds keyboard shortcuts and easy text selection as well.

Siri has had some additions as well making it easier to search for items on your device. You can even do math conversion in search.

Based on previous use, you may get recommendations of what apps to use based on the time of day.

Other enhancements: longer battery life, smaller more convenient updates, faster and more responsive, enhanced security with six-digit passcodes or two-factor authentication.

One last item: They have made it easier than ever to migrate from Android to iOS 9. With the introduction of a new app called “Move to iOS”, you can move your contacts, message history, camera phots and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books. It can also help you rebuild your app library by suggesting free apps. Your paid apps are added to your wishlist in the App Store.