Fireworks of the Future

Imagine your sitting on a blanket on the grass with your family nearby. You get ready to watch the Fourth of July drones? Ha! So some are re-imagining see the Fourth of July with drones. So what’s the upside of this? No smoke. No explosions. No air pollution. Maybe you can hear the music they could be flying to. May be even cheaper to run drones than to blow up 30 tons of fireworks for an eighteen minute display. The drones can be choreographed into amazing displays.

Now maybe instead of “Intel Inside” we can see “Intel Outside” as they develop this. Find out more.

Amazon Prime Air

Coming from a warehouse near you! Amazon has released a video about delivering from their warehouse to yours — in about 30 minutes! This is more about using their drone concept to deliver to prime members.

All you need is a nearby warehouse that delivers this way. This could be interesting if it will work the way it does in this video!

Jody Victor

Drone space

Since a tragic accident with a drone in the UK which left a toddler without an eye, there has been the question of whether or not people can make their property a no-fly zone. With companies wanting to make use of drones for delivery (Google, Amazon), how would this affect them?

DJI drones have a new system called Geospatial Environment Online, powered by AirMap, that will prevent users from entering into, taking off, or landing in a no-fly zone. There are also areas that shift security needs for privacy, such as major events or wildfire areas. Users can only bypass the system if they have a verified account. Other places like Washington, DC will not be allowed. 3DR drones have a similar system.

Can you make your home a no-fly zone? Jody Victor’s crew found out: YES! You can enter your home address at and it will verify your address and GPS coordinates and will coordinate with participating drone manufacturers. Right now, only PixiePath, Ehang (maker of the Ghost-Drone), HEXO+, Horizon Hobby, and RCFlyMaps are participating in this project. But it’s a start.



You usually hear about drones in a negative context. Like when they breach the White house space or even more recently, Enrique Igelsias grabbing a drone as it was flying at one of his concerts and hurting himself. He cut his hand where he grabbed it.

The Victor Crew got to see one in action the other night flying around town. The operator had his mini iPad capturing the video as it droned on above our heads. It has a span of about a mile so it’s conceivable that you can lose site of it. It used gps satellites and you can track it on Google maps. The HD camera gave a pretty good view of the area. It was night so we mostly saw lights.

Makes this blogger want to get one!

See Enrique’s accident here:

Rockstar Drones

There has been a lot of talk about drones in past weeks. Stories of Amazon using them to deliver packages, and of course we know they are used by the military. But here is a new use: music! KMel Robotics, known for building aerial video/photography solutions has a drone rock band.

You can watch their close to 4 minute video as they play 3 songs: Star Wars Theme, Carol of the Bells, and the National Anthem.

Jody Victor