Do Not Track

Is “Do Not Track” being turned on in your browser helpful? That is what the Victor Crew wants to find out.

If you use Firefox, you will see under the privacy tab that there is checkbox to “Request that sites not track you”. When you click on Learn more, it will take you to this page:

They qualify it by saying they offer a Do Not Track feature “that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by websites.” They go on to explain that it tells them you want to opt-out of behavioral advertising. This does not block ads, but it may change the type of ads you see. It may affect certain ways you view sites, like maybe the need to enter your zip code on a weather site.
Firefox do not track

In Chrome you can go to Settings and scroll down to click Show advanced settings and find it under Privacy there.
Chrome do not track

In Edge you will go to settings and go to Advanced settings and find it under the Privacy settings there.
Edge do not track

There are many sites that will honor this request, but there are many others that will choose to ignore it. We hardly think they will be honored by the likes of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, LinkedIn for some.

The FCC has chosen not to enforce the requests in a major blow to Internet privacy for users in the past week as per a the Consumer Watchdog Petition to require the requests be enforced.