Are you a Christmas geek? The Victor crew love all types of technology and there is so much tech to be added to Christmas. You can also catch more technology applied to Christmas decorations with The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC tv.

If you watched Shark Tank last week, you would have seen the latest technology, albeit pricey, for your Christmas tree. These lights will fit any 6-8 foot Christmas tree. They come with over 100 effects. The controller knows the position of each light and you can also control with their app. They say the way they are designed will even prevent tangling.

Other features:
Each light (called GlowBalls) lights up 360 degrees of the bulb and have two full spectrum LEDs.
Life expectancy of 50,000+ hours.
Energy efficient with only 15-45 watts of power for the starter pack. (Regular minilights consume 120 watts for 100 lights.)
Takes about 10 minutes to put on tree.
Hang vertically.

Check out their website to see all the features and effects.

Here’s a preview of where they hope to be next year: