Jody Victor® Shares about privacy when posting to Facebook

Jody has more to share about Facebook privacy:

Control Your Posts:

Each time you post, you can choose who sees your posts by clicking on the sharing icon. The icon of the “globe” is to make something Public. The “people” icon is to share with friends and the “gear” icon is to customize who views or hide from specific people.

If you tag someone, or you approve someone else’s tag on your post, that person and their friends will see it no matter what audience you choose.

Think before you post. Information you share can be copied or shared by others who see it. Here are some points to remember:

  • Choose who you share with. If you hide your birthday, for example, no one will see it on your timeline but if your friends say “happy birthday” on your timeline, your secret is out!
  • When you write on some someone else’s page, story, or timeline, that person selects the audience. If you intended it for a particular audience and that person changes who can see it, what you wrote will change along with it.
  • You can control who sees the “liked” Facebook pages on your timeline by clicking on the “Likes” box and clicking “Edit”.
  • Assume if you do not see a “sharing” icon, the information will be public.

Control Your Timeline:

Control who sees what on your timeline by clicking the “sharing” icon. The icons for the audiences are the same as above.

Even though you may control which friends are visible on your timeline, the full list is available for games, applications and websites you use. Your friends may also be visible on your friends timelines and in searches. If you have your friend list set to “only me” and your friend’s list is “public”, anyone will see your connection on your friend’s timeline.

Your gender will only hide on your timeline if you hide it.

When someone tags you in a story or photo, you can hide or show it on your timeline.

Points to remember:

  • You can hide items on your timeline but they may still be found elsewhere.
  • People may be able to see mutual friends but not your list of friends.
  • Your name, profile pictures, and cover photos will not have sharing icons because they are always public.
  • Once again, if you so not see a “sharing” icon, assume the information is public.

Jody reminds everyone to think before you post.