Tech Gadget Gifts for the Cook or Baker

As a tech lover, I wondered what kind of tech was out there for the kitchen now that people are baking for the holidays. So I wandered over to and looked to see what they had for tech lovers. Wouldn’t you know it, they had a list of “Gifts by Recipient” and sure enough there was a “Techie” page listed.

Here are a few of the products listed on the “Techie” page:

Williams-Sonoma smart thermometer listed at $149.95. So why so expensive for a thermometer? Well it has Wi-Fi connectivity and through their app for iOS, you can stay posted on the cooking details. It can estimate how much time is left, you can create alerts. Nice!

There are various stands and covers for your iPad so you use an online (or local) recipe on your counter. There are other gadgets to help make your cooking experiences easier. Be sure to check out the page!

Jody Victor