JellyThere’s a fairly new app just found by Jody’s crew this past week. It’s called Jelly. It’s available for iPhone or Android. The byline is “Let’s help each other.” And that it does. If you have a question, you can ask it on Jelly and get all of the Jelly users to look at the question and if they have an answer, they can answer it. You can forward questions to people not using Jelly as well. You can tell it when you have enough answers.

If you want to help others answer questions just flip through them and answer them as they come up. The questions range from “Does anyone use Ally Bank?” to “What brand are these boots and where can I get them?” You may even find some technical coding questions along the way. You can choose a picture from the ones that pop up as you ask a question or include your own or search through Google Images to find one for your question.

Check it out!

~ Jody Victor

p.s. Don’t forget tomorrow is when support for Windows XP ends!