Sorting Out the Disney+ Movie Release Schedule

The MCU movie Eternals has finally arrived to Disney+ as part of the app’s standard catalog (no extra cost to subscribers).

It has been difficult to get a grip on Disney’s release schedule for new movies. Some have been released exclusively to theaters, some have been released to theaters and streaming on the same day, meanwhile others have been released long after their theatrical release.

Like the Marvel movie Shang-Chi, Eternals arrived very late in the release cycle, unlike how Disney films had been released in the last year. Eternals came out about 68 days after worldwide release in theaters.

Pre-pandemic a film took between 5 to 8 months after its theatrical release to become part of the standard catalog on Disney+. The theatrical exclusive period pre-pandemic was typical 75-90 days.

Previously online rental, Blu-ray and DVD would be the first home watching options after the theatrical exclusive period. Now Disney has skipped Disney+ to the front of the line over these other home viewing mediums where previously Disney+ would follow digital rentals and physical copies.

Also, keep in mind that subscribing to a month of Disney+ cost less than half the amount a 24-48 rental does. For example, a digital rental or download of Eternals cost about $20 while a month of Disney+ is only $8 (just remember to cancel if you don’t want to continue subscription!).