More about Windows 10

Jody’s Crew set out to find out more about Windows 10. We found that it looks like Windows 10 upgrades will be free. We are unsure yet if this will be free from any earlier Windows version than 8.1. We will keep our ears out for that. Right now you can download the developer preview version as we posted last week to test it out and provide feature feedback. Microsoft has been pressured into doing this because of Apple’s recent move to make Mavericks free and of course all their iOS version have been free.

What this will do to the industry remains to be seen. In the past, users used the next OS as a reason to buy a new computer rather than try to upgrade or they even found they couldn’t upgrade because their current machine didn’t have the right specs. Now with users new computers less often to get the latest Windows, we will most likely see computer sales go down.

We are sure Microsoft hopes that if people aren’t spending their money on the OS, they will put it toward updating/upgrading their software (Office, etc.)