Jody Victor® wonders about Facebook’s privacy policy

Jody Victor suggests you look at Facebook’s privacy policy to find out what is and isn’t actually private.

Part I:
Information they receive and how they use it.

When you sign up, they ask for your name, email address, birthday and gender.

Information you choose to share: when you post a status update, upload a photo or comment on a friend’s story/photo, add a friend, “like” a page or website, add a place to your story, find friends using their importers, or say you are in a relationship. Your name, photos, gender, username, and networks are treated as public. Your birthday allows them to target your age group for advertisements and content.

Facebook also receives information about you from your friends when you are tagged, upload your contact info, post your photos, location, etc. Facebook may store this information about you.

Facebook also received data about you when you look at a friend’s timeline, send or receive a message, search for a friend or page, click on or interact with those items, use your mobile app or purchase through Facebook. They also receive data from your photos such as time, date, location.

Other data:

  • Computer mobile phone or other device (IP address, internet service, location, browser, pages visit, GPS)
  • When you visit a game, app or website that uses Facebook Platform (IP address, browser, operating system, if you’re logged in they receiver your userid
  • Advertising partners, customers, third parties that help them deliver ads

Next week, Jody will explore more about Facebook’s privacy policies.