Jody Victor® wonders about e-paper

Jody wonders: What is e-paper?
It is also known as electronic paper or electronic ink. They are designed to look more like ink on paper to enhance your reading experience from an electronic device. They have wider viewing angles and better contrast ratios than a regular tablet. They are not backlit like computers or other mobile devices so you are less likely to get eye-fatigue as you are reading.

There are several e-paper readers on the market now.
The Amazon Kindle line offers the Paperwhite available in wifi or free 3G versions. It can be read in bright sunlight without glare. The matte screen reflects light like ordinary paper. It can also be read easily at night as it illuminates the screen, not the room.

LG Display has flexible e-paper. You can bend the 1024 x 768 device up to 40 degree angles.

The LIBRE|PRO ebook reader allows you to listen to music while reading.

Barnes & Noble has an e-paper reader called NOOK Simple Touch™. If you read just half an hour a day, the battery will last over 2 months.

Hope this helps, Jody!