Instagram Bringing Back Algorithm-Free Feeds

Popular social media platform Instagram is bringing back an old feature: the ability to organize one’s timeline in reverse chronological order rather than according to the whims of the platform’s algorithms. Instagram stated that the default sorting method would be the algorithm method.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri teased the feature last year during a Senate hearing on the effect of social media on teens. During the hearing the mention of the feature seemed to be in regards to addressing the issue that algorithms will sometimes drive teens towards harmful content that affects their mental health.

Instagram stated that users will be able to select from two new post display methods on their feeds. Long time social media users will recognize is a “following tool” which displays posts from the accounts the user follows in the order in which they were shared.

There will also be a “favorites” method of post display that shows the latest post from a list of specific accounts created by the user that might consist of close friends, family or their favorite content creators. Users will be able to have up to 50 favorites. Starred posts from a user’s favorites will take high priority on the user’s home feed. Accounts are not notified when they are added or subtracted from a user’s favorites list.