Google Pixel

Google came out with the Google Pixel phone October 20. It is being touted as the best alternative to Apple iPhone. It has the latest Android flavor – Nougat. Although it does have a headphone port (unlike iPhone 7), it is not waterproof, it has a nice camera and Google Assistant. One nice thing that it comes with is unlimited storage for photos and videos.

Here is their video about it.

Now the bad:
This past weekend, some Chinese hackers were able to hack into the Google Pixel in under a minute at Pwnfest, a hacking competition in Seoul, South Korea. Qihoo 360, a team of white-hat hackers exploited it in under 60 seconds. They won a cash prize of $120,000. They ended up with $520,000 total after some other exploits. Of course, Google is working on fixing their security. This is the team that exploted a Tesla Model S two years ago to control lock, sunroof, and traction controls. Read more here.