Ever wonder what goes on at Google?

Now you can get a glimpse at some of what goes on. Two gals, Nat & Lo, who work at Google now go around Google on their 20% project time to find out what most people don’t get to see. A 20% project (20% of their work time) is given to every employee to work on what they want like pet projects etc.

They are documenting this via YouTube videos. (See below.) So far they have three videos.
The first is an introductory video explaining what they are doing.

The second video, which is actually Episode 1, has them talking to a fellow who works with the Google Street View Trekker program. This program allows people that may be going to remote areas borrow and carry a Google backpack camera system. This is to get areas on street view where their cars cannot go.

In Episode 2, they interview a hardware engineer named Gabby who works in the design kitchen making and testing hardware prototypes.

Catch the videos here:

Update: Since this post there have been more added. The video above links to the full playlist.