Ever fall asleep during your Netflix?

What do you do? Start over again? Try to remember where you left off? The Victor crew found there is a solution! It may not be cheap. It may not be easy. But it is a solution!

A while ago we shared with you about the Netflix switch and how you can make the switch to dim your lights and turn on your Netflix. This solution requires a little more technical know-how. Of the knitting kind. You can knit yourself a pair of Netflix socks. There are some unconventional materials in these socks. They need a small microcontroller, accellerometer, LEDs, and battery.

Here is the full materials list for the electronics.
Here is the schematic.
Here is the code you need to program them.

So now that we learned about them, what do they do? They will pause your Netflix if you fall asleep. It senses when you have fallen asleep. If you haven’t moved your foot for a minute, it will pause your program.