Apple to Raise Base Pay for Employees

Due to the tight labor market, rising inflation and burst in unionization efforts Apple will be raising the starting pay for US employees.

Starting pay for US Apple team members will be increased to $22 or higher based on the cost of living in the market. This is a 45% jump from 2018 pay levels. Apple stated that their compensation budget will be a topic at their annual performance review process.

Apple stated that workers annual reviews would be pushed up by three months so their new pay will take effect by early July.

Apple did not immediately respond to requests from media outlets for further information on their compensation increases. Apple is well known for having a tight-lipped culture among its employees. Yet, in 2021, a handful of both current and former employees criticized Apple’s working conditions through online outlets.

In April, Apple workers in Atlanta submitted a petition to hold union elections. They would have been the company’s first union. This was just one among many moves for unionization in Apple at the time.