3G Shutdowns Could Cause Issues With Old Devices

The coming shutdown of 3G networks will not only affect older phones. Many older devices that rely on the 3G network will require updates to continue working. These include systems like home alarm systems, medical devices (fall detectors) and in-car systems like OnStar (GM).

Mobile carriers and other manufacturers have asked customers to update their 3G devices like Android and iOS devices and various e-readers before the shutdown happens. Other companies have asked companies to update all kinds of household devices and those in vehicles to avoid loss of service.

Millions of vehicles may go without live data updates in GPS systems or collision detection systems that will contact first responders. Some vehicles will have updates available for their devices while others will simply lose functionality for good, according to reports.

3G was revolutionary in the way it allowed early car infotainment systems and home security to function by connecting to mobile networks, but over time companies move on to 4G and recently 5G.

Now major carriers are discontinuing 3G not only in the United States but also in markets abroad. AT&T coming first 22 Feb. 2022 and others like Verizon to follow by the end of the year.